The Wales Marathon 2014 – tw13 – Unlucky for some

chijindu_ujah1This week imagine is of Chijindu Ujah, who has become only the 5th Britian to sun the 100 metres in Sub 10 seconds and you can read more about that [here]

Success, a third full week in a row completed, although it was touch and go at one point.

Tuesday 10 miles with 1000m strides

I picked a pretty tough 10 mile route for this one with the first five miles taking up to almost 400ft great preparation for wales. Then it was the strides over suitably hilly terrain, followed by round four miles of mostly down hill running. Race preparation is well and true on, but boy are 1000m strides tough going!! Perhaps, i picked too much of a challenging 1000m but that said it was still enjoyable taking them on, well once i had completed them.

Only a few twinges from the leg, which is good, keep it up body!!

On and I’m now on 999 miles for the year!! I must try make note of my first mile point of tomorrows run! A great moment!

Run time 1:20:28



Wednesday 15 miles

Sticking with my hills hills hills plan, this 15 miler started with 8 miles of near none stop up hill running taking me to 500 ft and I’m feeling pretty sore now. It was perhaps too much of a challenging route, as the 8 miles at the start took it completely out of me.

On the plus I decided to ignore the weather report that it wouldn’t rain until around 8 and took my running jacket out with me as it poured it down! And on the negative just like last week where Tuesday’s run was fairly pain free and Wednesday full of pain. Today’s run was full of discomfort and pain in a reversal of yesterday.

Run time 2:16:17


 Thursday AM

I woke it up, it was cold, it was pouring down with rain and a strong wind was blowing. It would of been easy to have decide not to run, so i didnt……

I got drenched last night and decided i wasn’t in the mood for getting drenched a few hours later. Ive time on my hands to fit all the runs in, so noooooooooo panic. What i will do is run the six miles in the evening and move the four miles to Saturday.

Thursday PM

I got out there and took on a hilly six miler. Which i regretted as boy were my legs sore from the previous days monster 15 miler. On the plus it didnt rain, so not all bad, oh and my foot wasnt as bad again.

Run time 51:34


Friday 12 miles

Again I picked a hilly route, but nothing like Wednesday’s. I didn’t want to put my body through that twice in a week whilst still carrying an injury. Overall the run went well , I put in an attempt to meet my pace target but again lack of sharpness and the injury held me back. On the plus it was really sunny, so that made for a nice but tough run.

Run time 1:38:29


Saturday am

I got out early, 8 am, and beat the foretasted pour down as I ran the four miles, I skipped earlier in the week. I felt really as sluggish and was glad to get home went I did, but not without tackling the tough kittlingborne Brow hill with its 10% gradient.

Run time 33:48


Saturday pm

Once again I beat the rain by waiting until half seven to get out on my planned 5 miler at 7:30 almost 12 hours break between runs. Although during the day there had been a few twinges in both my lower calf and knee……..the run went ok, well apart from one moment when I almost went over on my ankle after my foot landed awkwardly on a curve edge!! At this rate I won’t make wales!!

With 22 miles planned for the morning I took this at a very causal pace, returning home in 43:55, i also made sure i ran a fairly easy route to give my muscles a bit of rest ahead of tomorrows run.


Sunday 22 miles

I did it!!! it was hot, the huge hill I threw in at around 15 miles took out of me and I had cramp at one point. But I did it, I completed the 22 mile run I was supposed to run two weeks ago. It was a struggle and I’m still not fit but at least I can feel a little more confident about the distance.

That said I missed my pace plan yet again but I am feeling stronger and hopefully things will stay this way, with just two weeks to go until the taper cycle, which I suspect my body can’t wait for.

Despite a few twinges yesterday my knee was ok although I took the precaution of apply anti inflammation gel before and after my run and treated myself, I use that word loosely, to a cold bath after my run. An ice bath was a step too far I decided.

Time :  3:20:29


The week ahead

Tuesday 9 miles with 6*600

Wednesday 14 miles

Thursday 6 miles with 6*100

Friday 5 miles

Saturday 9-13 mile tune up race

Sunday 17 miles

Already i am thinking about changes, i am not doing a race this week, but i am down to do one next week. So that means next weeks planned 20 miler will have to move to this week. But what to do about that 17 mile run…… i really risk doing 17 miles Saturday followed by 20 miles on the Sunday…….hmmmmm

Recapping my progress, ive not missed a single run of late and with the extra miles ive thrown in, as ive played catch up. I am now back over the 75% threshold for both runs completed and miles run. Which is great, as it means i am no longer playing catch up and if i do happen to miss another run, then is should be ok.

progress at week 13In other news, as mentioned earlier on in this post. i was on the verge of passing 1000 miles for the year and im now past that and on 1,063 miles. If this keeps up 2014 will be my highest mileage ever.

In other news :

10 reasons to join in the 5K revolution

Rudisha in but Kiprop out of Kenya team ahead of Glasgow 2014

Stephen Kiprotich sets sights on Great North double



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