Wales Marathon 2014 – tw14 – More hills

2014FIFAWorldCupThis weeks header image is of the 2014 world cup logo, which links in nicely with an interesting article on the Runners World website which states that on average football referees cover up to 8 miles during a match. {here}

So week 13 is completed and again, whilst still not 100% i completed another full week of training.

Tuesday 9 miles with 6*600m

I thought I was on a roll, the morning walk into work was met with bright sunshine, whilst I was at work it poured , it hailed , it thundered and there was lightening. On my walk home there was blue skies above me. So when I set off on run I was optimistic that it would stay dry, sadly within a mile it was raining, by three miles it was pouring down and the time I reached the stride zone it had stopped again , enough for me slightly dry before the rain returned on my run home…….

So it was a wet one, luckily I had my seal skinz socks and Ron Hill jacket on and they gave some protection, that said the socks are far better at keeping the rain out than my jacket. But I think the jacket is more wind proof than rain proof.

The run and the strides went ok, again I didn’t meet my pace targets and there was some discomfort but no pain which is the main thing.

Run time 1:15:29



Wednesday 14…….no wait 13 miles

Disaster strikes dear reader , I had surprised myself by completing my 14 mile run with my pace plan the first time I’d achieved such a feat since before my injury…….while I had worked hard, but there a few times I slowed down so i was a little surprised i had made my target time.

However, examining the route afterwards it suddenly dawned on me……I’d only gone and got carried away and missed out the final blooming turn and loop!!! Argh!!!

This cost me one mile and joy turned to frustration and annoyance. The run had gone well, there was a few twinges and one brief moment of shock from a sharp pain in my ankle. But overall it went well and felt quite a bit sharper than I have done of late. Mistake aside , let’s hope this continues.

Run time : 1:46:00

Thursday 6 miles with hill reps

Switching my strides for some hill reps, which I’ve decided is the way to go, I enjoyed a hard workout both on the hill and over the six miles.

I left the hill reps until near the end of the run to make it a little easier and I pushed hard over the six miles passing the half way point in 22 minutes despite the gradual incline that it featured before turning around for the three mile down hill run to the hill I’d chosen for my reps.

The hill reps were as follows :

4 runs to the half way point & jog back

4 runs to the top, jog to the middle, sprint to the finish

4 sprints to half way and jog to the finish

After that it was the small matter of a run home, which itself featured a steep climb. But despite all this I finished just one minute out side of my target time for the six miles, in 47:27

On the down side, as well as my calf, i felt twinges in my left knee and right hamstring…..heck!!


Hill Reps.

Friday 6 miles

Making up for the missed one mile from Wednesday, i got out before work for a casual run. I picked a fairly flat route and didn’t push myself too hard completing the run in 50:04

There were no re-occurrences of the twinges i felt in my knee or hamstring the previous night so that was great news and settle my slightly worried mind a little


Saturday 14 miles

Abandoning, what I know see as a crazy plan to run 17 miles today and following it up with 20 in the morning……I took myself off to Longridge to run two loops of the famous Christmas pudding run route which features four miles of up hill running, taking you up the steep Jeffrey Hill, to 938 ft, before a three mile constant down hill return.

I figure, this will be great preparation for Wales and if I can get out there a couple of more times before the big day all the better both physically and mentally.

It was a tough run, unsurprisingly, on a warm day, although on the first loop it was spitting slightly at summit although once I was back down in Longridge it was sunny a again completing the first loop in 59:38 before setting of on a second assault.

This time around my body seemed to have woken up and i was moving with more freedom and at a quicker pace. When I got to Jeffrey hill the second time I was joined by two cyclists who I was able to keep pace with until the half way point, at which one of them pull away. The other remind by my side and an 2/3 of the way up I over took him, but annoyingly about a metre from the curve at the summit he caught me back up and we by me………not that I was racing him of course…….

Making my way back to the start point in 1:59:04 , something I was quite pleased with I found myself in the middle of a parade……which meant a twenty minute wait in my car before I could go anywhere. Note to self and others when going running in another area always check there isn’t some sort of event going on by were you have decided to park your car.


Sunday 20 miles

Running next week’s 20 miler, I set off in perfect running conditions warm cloud covered sky’s with a nice cool breeze and despite yesterdays tough 14 miler I decided to make an assault on my target pace range of 2:35 – 2:55 although when I reached 10 mile point a minute off the 2:35 pace and at the 14 mile point 4 minutes off it I knew it would be all about the 2:55 target and despite grinding to a plod on a few of the climbs I did it, I actually did it. Returning home in 2:50!!

I’m skill not 100% fit but with five weeks to go this is a great sign, more so after yesterday’s efforts. I need to build on this now and keep hitting my targets. One more week then taper time……fingers crossed things keep improving.


The week ahead and its the week of the 50th Freckleton Half marathon, the UKs oldest half marathon race. So as i result i moved my runs about so that the longest runs are at the beginning of the week, so that i get a mini five day taper which may or may make some difference to both my injury and my performance on the say.

Tuesday : 14 miles

Wednesday : 11 miles with 5*1,200m strides

Thursday : 8 miles with 8 *100 m strides

Friday : 6 miles AM , 4 miles PM

Saturday 5 Mile recovery run

Sunday : The Freckleton Half Marathon

I am not confident at all of achieving a distance PB in this, having done that on a near flat race route in February and carrying an injury. I am also 50/50 on being able to set a race PB, it will all come down to how my leg feels on the day. But given everything if i record a time which i am happy with and don’t breakdown with injury then it will be a success.

In other news :

Glasgow 2014: Helen Clitheroe aiming to inspire at 40

Overtraining in athletics




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