Wales 2014 – TW16 : Let the taper commence!!

dwain-chambers-415x390This weeks image of controversial British athlete, Dwain Chambers who last week one his fifth successive 100m title at the British Championships [here]. Which was well timed to fit in with this article on the Athletics Weekly , reporting how studies have found steroid abuse could give users an advantage for 10 years. Hmmm more evidence to support life long bans. [here]

Let the taper commence!!

Tuesday 5 miles with 6 * 100 metres

So the tapering has begun and surprisingly with some speed work. My plan with these, at the moment, is to make the stride zone within my pace plan and then hope for the best afterwards. Although this first run of three miles felt sluggish and I arrived a good thirty seconds off pace. The strides however went well despite the fact it was raining which meant I got quite wet in between strides , which resulted in me deciding not to give myself too much of a break in between runs. Afterwards, I actually felt more with it and was able to cover the final two miles quick enough, that it meant, that I had achieved my target pace for the five miles.



Run time : 38:34

 Wednesday 12 miles

Uff!! a horrid run!! I wasn’t mentally in the right place and physically I  was sore from both yesterday’s speed work and Sundays race, too much too soon perhaps. But with varying levels of pace , from plod to fast jog, I got round . Although at mile 11, when I saw I had only five minutes to get home and in order to make my target pace. I decided to plod on home and save myself for tomorrow’s hill repeats after all i cant run a mile in five minutes at the best of times.


Run time : 1:37:17

Thursday 7 miles

Despite feel more mentally with it, I was still really physically sore and tired. The result my planned run around Longridge follow by some hill repeats on jeffrey hill became a slow plod around the route and then a drive home. I slightly regretted skipping the hill repeats but I think it was the sensible thing to do. Hopefully , by Sundays long run I will be feeling better.

On the plus at least i got to Longridge once again, even if it was probably my slowest run around it.


Run time 01:02:46

Friday 5 miles

A Much loved early morning run…….ok maybe not, but it’s good to get it out of the way and my legs did feel a little better today. Although as this was a recovery run, I never pushed myself, getting round in 43:01.


Saturday 6 mile

Taking advantage of only………only!!! Having a six mile run to cover, I enjoyed a nice long lie-in before catching up on some house work and then setting out on my six miler. I chose a suitably hilly route and I was feeling a lot fresher than previous days thanks many by the +24 hour break between runs. Zipping around in enough time, that i was able to slow to a gentle controlled, jog home over the last 300 metres or so.

I am thinking now, with the fewer miles to recover i can start catching up on sleep , which hopefully will help my body recovery from all the training and aid me on the day.

Run time 43:52


Sunday 17 miles

I overslept by an hour, but I was feeling great and i was well and truly up for today’s run. I have gotten over my freckleton muscle hangover and the drop in miles plus yesterday’s lie-in has left me with extra energy and feeling fresher. Although, I suspect taper madness will set in next week, this week I’m on a running high. Plus, i have been listening to the new Kasabian 48:13 album and track 11 in particular titled Eez-Eh certainly gets you going!

So out I went on a run which would feature three sections of near none stop up hill running each of around 3 miles. Although admittedly I wouldnt be climbing very high on either of those, eventually my run would take me up nearly 475 feet and with going along the canal gravel, come mud, come grass path way lasting around 3 miles, I will certainly be getting a good workout. On one of the routes which challenged, me during my Dublin training. This time no such blow up, although it was distracting with the sun out, boats , ducks, dragon files, horses, cows and fish all on show I did occasionally find myself slowing down and having to remind myself to pick up the pace.

And pick up the pace I did getting round in 2:12:31 just outside the lower end of my long run pace target. Which was very pleasing and whilst hill wise perhaps today doesn’t stand up to the race route it was still challenging and it keeps the feel good factor going.

Just two weeks now!!!!


The week ahead

So week 2, of the taper period, looks like this :

Monday – Rest / Cross train

Tuesday – 7 miles with 8*100m strides

Wednesday – 4 mile recovery

Thursday – 8 miles with 3*1,600m strides

Friday – 5 mile recovery

Saturday – 6 miles with 8 *100 strides

Sunday – 13 miles

With three speed sessions, im wondering if i will avoid taper madness all together. This has to be the hardest taper period ive faced yet. On the plus i plan to switch two of those for hill repeats. On the minus, i am short of time this week and wont have time for a run Tuesday and on Saturday i am thinking about trying to catch some the Tour de France, as it passes through Yorkshire, England…….strange but hey ho.

So i am running Fridays 5 mile run tonight, i figured if i have to run today, its best i don’t over do it, the day after my long run. After that, im not quite sure what i will do, but fingers crossed i will tick off each and everyone of these miles. Also, i plan to get to Longridge for the third week in a row and i am thinking of doing a double loop of it on Sunday. Which would be an extra mile, but it will be worth the effort.

In other news,

The race pack arrives!!! Yes my race pact has arrived it didn’t contain much i didn’t know about, other than i do get free entry to Pembroke Castle, which will be either a nice distraction or something to do after the race.


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