The Wales Marathon 2014 – Here i come!!!!!!


The final week is ticked off, its time!!

Here’s is how is went and a brief insight into my race day plan.

Tuesday 7 miles

This was a straight forward out and back route, although it did include a long incline as i continue to ensure i remain conditioned to hill running.


Wednesday 7 miles

Pleased with myself!! I’ve been over to Longridge for the fifth time in five weeks. It’s always tough, but the beautiful views and challenging nature of this route make the thirty minute drive well worth it. And after my previous post were I examined Sunday’s route in detail this route is perfect preparation for Sunday.

The run went well, I didn’t manage the 7:46 pace which was a shame but it was quite warm and there was a strongish wind blowing during the tough first 4 miles of this run and I wasn’t far off, completing the run in 56:33

I’ve been checking Sundays weather, which just highlights how close we care now to the big day. And currently I’m down to be facing rain and Sun…….hmmmm could do with that rain landing Saturday. Fingers crossed that changes.


 Thursday 5 miles

This was a recovery run and I set out without making a note of any pace plan, however being just a few days away from the big day I was / am on a bit of a running high and got round under the 7:46 pace plan, returning home in 37:14


Friday 5 miles with 6*100 m strides

One last run….five miles with speed work, AM!! Im not sure i enjoy speed or hill work first thing. But ive no other time to do this, so out i went. Luckily with not being in work today, due to traveling to Tenby, early morning was in fact the time i would normally but getting up on a Friday. Shame about being up late packing….Doh!!

I decided not to work to hard on this run and i didnt put 100% effort into the strides through fear of injury this near to the big day. But it was nice getting out early and again being in a near deserted park on a sunny morning. I could get used to that.




Its time…… all the runs are down, i completed 96 out of the planned 112 run outs (86%) and learn a good lesson about how you should always start your marathon programme early, rather than hedging your bets on getting through 18 weeks without injury as i did…….That said i completed 85% of the planned miles i had to run, covering 910 miles in the process. My highest marathon training mileage yet, beating my previous best set for Dublin of 690 miles by 220 miles.

progress@TW18With this and all the hill work i have done, coupled with my detailed analysis of the route (See previous post), i have decided to be brave and created a pace band that aims for a 3:21 – 3:23 pace…….I am not sure if my body will hold up over the route, but you  know what its worth a try.Sadly for some reason it wont update and ive no time to update it……Sorry.

The only disaster will be if i have a break down and cant go on anymore, slowing to a plod. Something which happened to me during my Edinburgh marathon run and to a lesser extent during my London marathon run. But this, time i am better prepared than those two marathons and i have created a pace plan which takes into account the hill climbs and drops with a pace of 7:30 on the drops and a pace of 8:10 on a tougher climbs. Hopefully, this mis-mash of paces will enable to cover the race in my target time and without collapse. Although, just to be on the safe side, im going to take my pace band from Dublin with me……

So im packed : Run Stuff, Race Pack, gels, recovery shakes, wash stuff, clothes, towel, trainers!!!, pace band, watch, plasters, vaseline, running sunnies, watch!! and all the other basics.

Weather check…………cloudy and sunny temps 15-16. Well thats better than the previous forecast of rain.

RIght, time to go……..Eck!!!! Scary Darey!!!


In other news

I found this site, looks a good one for finding your marathon challenges.






2 thoughts on “The Wales Marathon 2014 – Here i come!!!!!!

  1. Thanks tiny. Just got back, you weren’t far off. 3:12:46 and 20th place!!! I’m in shock, will do a proper write up soon, hope your running is going well. 🙂 I suspect it will be, he he

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