The Wales Marathon in Numbers

steve wayThis posts header picture is of the man who went from 16 stone smoking couch potato to leading the Glasgow commonwealth marathon for the first couple of miles, in the space of seven years. The incredible Steve Way. He’s also the only one smiling, what a legend!

For this post i have examined both the race stats and my own stats to get a little bit more of a feel of how i compared against my fellow runners and what i did to get me a new marathon PB of 3:12:46

The Wales Marathon in numbers

+ The Wales marathon 2014 was completed by 674 runners

+ 78% (527) were male

wales pie

+ 43% (292) fell into the 18-34 age category , with 20% (132) in the V40 category and 19% in the V45 (13) category.

Wales marathon age n gender

+ Just 2% of finishers managed to complete the course in sub3 , with only 37% completing it in sub4.

wales marathong times+ The average finish time was 4:19:51, first place came home in 2:49:39 and last place crossed the line in 6:48:28

My numbers

I ran a total of 910 miles in training, which accounts for 85% of my total mileage target of 1075, this is 220 miles further than i trained for the Dublin marathon and 262 miles further than i trained for the Preston Guild Marathon and would take me from my home in South Ribble to just outside Pisa Italy.

A per the Dublin marathon this training programme focused on the medium distance runs as opposed to the long weekend runs, showing how important your mid-week run is. Also this training programme outdid my other marathons for medium and long runs.

wales run typesMy finish time of 3:12:46 is a PB by almost 19 minutes and a 9% improvement on my time at Dublin.

marathon finish timesfinish times tableSo other than running more miles and running six times a week so apposed to five times a week, what else different did i do to achieve my new marathon PB…………

Well for a start Ive had a year of walking to work most days, so that’s pretty much 20 miles of walking each week on top of my running and I did more core work than last time, but still not as much as i wanted. I had my custom running plan, which was a five week training loop , which incorporated the first two weeks of the 55 – 70 miles a week training programme and probably left me better prepared for the step up. Finally, there was my first taste of doing doubles, which saw me having to run twice in one day and a several occasions and wasn’t as tough as i tough it would be, but helped me reach the higher 70+ miles a week, without having to loose an additional day to training.

For my next marathon, well………i cant have a 26.2 PB of 3:12 and not be looking to target the next big marathon goal, which of course is the much sort after sub3 marathon. From what i understand only a very small percentage of runners ever achieve this goal with some sites stating that only 2% of runners will ever go below 3 hours for the distance. So it is going to be a struggle and to achieve it, i have already decided i still step up to the next and take on the 70-85 miles per week training programme from the Advanced Marathoning book. Having had a quick scan of it, it would seem that i will be moving up to seven days a week running and that doing doubles could become common place……its going to be hard but if i ever want to run sub3, its what im going to have to do.

I may also join a club…..its certainly something to think about, with several people advising me that i should do.  I guess the added knowledge and training could be key to this next goal….hmmmmm

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In other news the Running Awards 2015 are up and running, so get signed up for your chance to win prizes and to vote for you favorite running events, brands, sites and blogs (Feel free to vote for me…ha ha)

The Running Awards


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