The Wales marathon sign off


This weeks image, is a final look at Tenby. I think it will go down as being one of my favorite all time marathons despite how challenging it was. It is a lovely place to visit and the whole Long Course Weekend festival made it extra special with the whole town clearly excited and interested in the occasion. This is one, i will run again.

As i head into the final week of mesocycle 5 and what will be the last few runs connected to the Wales marathon, i thought id give a bit of an update. So far things have gone ok, i have completed the majority of the runs that were scheduled as part of the five week recovery plan, with just three runs missed. One for a wedding, one to do some decorating and one because my knee felt a bit suspect (new trainers needed…….hmmm maybe). I think, if your going to miss runs then, when your not training for an event and when you are in a recovery phase is the perfect time to let life take back a few precious hours from running.

I have made a couple of changes, with my 2015 marathon plan being make an assault on sub 3 and have decided that it is time i take up the advice bounded around on countless running websites and have more than just or two training paces.

Continuing to use the Runners World Training Pace Calculator i will being continue with an easy run pace of 7:46 per mile and a long run pace range of 7:46 – 8:48. But its time i made use of the tempo run pace of 6.27 and introduce a general aerobic run pace, which Ive decided will be 7:25 but at the moment Ive been working off 7:30

With an impending office move, Ive been quick to snatch a locker in the shower rooms of the new building, meaning i am now able to introduce not only lunch time runs, which i might use for doing my speed work and hill repeats. But also, runs to work, perhaps once a week to begin with. And I think, i will continue to walk into work, with the relocation giving me an additional 1,200 meters walking exercise each time.

As if by fate the highlights of the Long Course Weekend, of which the Wales marathon was apart of. Were on television this weekend and if you are in the UK you can watch it here I actually make two appearances once at the start and once at the very end crossing the finish line, which is nice. Can you spot me ???

Once this training cycle is complete i plan to revive my old custom five week training plan but add on the first two weeks of the 70-85 miles per week training programme from the Advanced Marathon book, as i contemplate taking that on for my next marathon challenge.

Additionally, its official!!! 2014 is now my biggest running year ever with 1428 miles covered and its only August!

august miles

In other news, i found some great articles relating to Alberto Salazar

Five Lessons Learned From Alberto Salazar

Alberto Salazar’s 10 Golden Running Rules

The Perfect Stride

Both of which are well worth reading!!

Here is an interesting article on the best half marathons in America, from Runners Worlds

The Year’s Best Half Marathons




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