Quick fire update

great northTo be honest there much is going on……hence the lack of posts. My recovery programme is finished and i am due to disappear off on holiday for two weeks. As such i decided not start any custom plans just yet.

I have added two new some new reviews and hopefully when i return from my holiday i will add a third. You can read them there [here]

I have an exciting training opportunity, which could see me taping into the mind of a world class athlete. More on that when i return, but its going to be pretty cool and i suspect very educational. 

One thing, i have found hard, is motivation, with no races on the horizon and a holiday around the corner it has been a challenge to get motivated to not only do things like core work and speed work but even to run in the past week or so. That said, i am still running five times a week, so i am still getting out there and will soon be off out on an 11 mile run.

These times, do happen and they pass, its just annoying when they turn up, the runners blues is what they call them. But I am sure once the holiday is over and i have gotten some well earned R&R i will back back, dedicated to getting faster and putting in the miles. Quest sub3 is going to be really hard, there is no question about that and it is going to require a lot of hard work and right at this moment its hard to picture achieving it.

However when i completed my first marathon, in 4hr13mins , i struggled to picture myself getting anywhere near 3 hours, which at the time did kind of depress me a little. But  a few years later, having run over 1500 miles in a single calendar year with a marathon PB of 3h312mins that golden marker is within reach. Though, i am fully aware, that most runners never break that barrier, marathonguide.com found in 2011 only around 3% of American runners, completing a marathon, held in America, finished it in under 3 hours [here]. Scary reading!

Likewise, when i look at the times that am now recording for the half marathon, i think back to when i was recording times in the 1hr40s and it is the same story, i couldn’t see myself reaching where i am now…….Its in some ways hard to believe, but there it is, i have got this much quicker.

I guess i am in a reflective mood, i’ll miss running whilst i am away, but the break will do me good and then when i am back, it starts again. I’ll have to get signed up to a few races which will no doubt motivate me, i have my training opportunity which is going to be fantastic and there is the ParkRun 10th birthday coming up (October 4th) so that is going to be something else focus my mind. And that is what i am missing, focus, Ive nothing to focus on (running wise) and you can tell.

Also, to those reading this, you can see the improvements i have made in just a few years and know that you too can chop minutes not seconds off your times. It just takes a lot of hard work and a lot of juggling. But if you really want it, it can be done.

Good look to my friend Louisa who is off running the Great North run this weekend, an amazing event, which is possibly my favorite big race, event. Also good luck to anyone else running in that, one of you will be the 1 millionth finisher!! Amazing!

In other news :

If you liked my posts on Wales, entries for 2015 are now open : The Wales Marathon 2015

Some great links :

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How to run up (and down) hills

Why long runs sometimes go wrong

How to build endurance in rehab


Really don’t want to go running, but that’s what i am going to go off and do now!!







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