Olympians, ParkRun and sore heels

chichen-itzaSo i have been back from my holiday around three weeks now have have complete nine runs despite not yet having come up with a new custom training route, the shorter days, colder temperatures and wetter weather. This isnt exactly the most inspiring and motivational time of year but it is the most rewarding. If you can get through autumn and winter completing or increasing your normal level of training. Then your going to be in for a great spring and summer season. So its worth getting a bit cold and a bit wet every now and then. Also if you do get out in the wind and the rain, it feels so much more rewarding when you return home, than on a pleasent day.

Olympians…..what this all about ? Well as mentioned in my previous post, i had and took an exciting training opportunity. Any way, Preston’s premier runner Helen Clitheroe announced some time ago she was offering one to one training sessions for runners, so i signed up and last week i had my first session. My goal from these one2one sessions is to learn correct running form, something i don’t think i can learn by myself. I need someone there, who knows the correct running form to guide and monitor my progress.

The session lasted an hour and covered the following things :

Warm up – dynamic flex
Leg swings side to side/ forward and back
Hip mobility (forward/back)
Calf paddles

A stretch
A walk (then with pause)
High knee run
A skip
Ankle hops

Side steps
Side step wiry step over

Strides (concentrating on form)
Short hill sprints thinking about fast contacts/ knee drive/arm drive.

Side stretch (on wall)
Moving quad stretch
Calf stretch (3 straight, bent, foot up to wall)

Helen, also took some videos of me running and it turns out the fast i run, the better my running form….well thats something i guess he he – Work to do!!

I found the session extremely valuable and Helen showed me a number of things i had never come across before and following the session, I have signed up for a half day running camp Helen is holding on October 18th in Lostock Hall, just outside of Preston.

The last time i checked there were still 10 places left and you can sign up here :

Running Technique Session with Helen Clitheroe & Tanja Slater


I attended my first ParkRun event since April and rather than go all out i opted to stick to a good fast but steady pace completing the run in 20:22 , my slowest time since December 2013 and the first time since that day, that it has taken me over 20 minutes get around.

However, i wasn’t really trying and i enjoyed taking it easy, it was a nice way to return and in some ways it was more enjoyable, then going all out for it……it is after all only ParkRun. That said i did feel a little guilty about the junior runner who put in a shift to beat to the line…..i congraluated him on his strong finish and said nothing of my disengaged participation.

A Sore Heel…..

Well after my enjoyable ParkRun, run out, i ran home and being cold and yet i rushed to kicked off my trainers and get to the shower…..in process i kicked myself so hard in the achilles tendon that now its quite sore when walking and last nights 8 miler was a nightmare particularly when it came to the up hill sections…..

Stupidly this is a self inflicted injury which i have had before and the last time i did it, i vowed to always take my trainers off the correct way…….over time i have reverted to the lazy method and once more caused myself a stupid injury.

On the plus it should heel up in a few days, the downside however. i noticed after last nights run my right knee was a little tender due to having to land awkwardly on my right foot for eight miles of running…..its clear i am going to have to take a couple of days off to heel up, before running once more. Which is particularly annoying as i have signed up for a race this Sunday. The Vernons 4 Miler, which should of been an easy PB for me, being my first 4 mile race for a number of years and now its a waiting game to see if i will be pain free and able to run it or if i will have to pull out!!!

Soooo annoying but what can you do. Time to get those fingers crossed, on ths plus ive noticed if i have nothing on my feet my achilles tendon doesnt hurt at all when walking or running…..although i dont think now is the tiem to suddenly start barefoot running.

In other news

It turns out the affects of doping could be lifelong leading to renewed calls for longer bans for cheats…..i am hoping they bring in life bans, there is no place for doping in sports. Afterall how could you live with yourself knowning you had cheated your fellow athlete, knowning what it takes to get to the top……

Thats it!

So its good to be back, despite the hstupid injury but hopefully it will heel up soon and my next post will be a race report. If not, my next post will be my new custom running plan.




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