The Vernons 4 Mile : Race Report

vernonsOk maybe i could have selected a nicer picture…..but with the old mill, from which the sports ground and this race take their names, due to be pulled down i thought id take the oppertunity to share its image.

So in my last post i reported that i was suffering from a achillies heel problem and that my plan was to rest from running till Sunday and see how it goes. Well that plan seemed to work, well i also started applying Deep Relief , so that probably also helped….and with sleep being a vital aid to recovery, i gave my self a layin on both Saturday and Sunday (The race was a afternoon start).

Anyway Sunday morning, i loosened my trainers and went for a test run…..hazar! the injury wasnt gone, but it was a lot better and it was managable. Meaning i could run on it without the pain affecting how i run or the speed that i would be able to reach.

With the race bring held locally and with the autumn sun shinng, i took the oppertunity to walk down to the race arriving with 35 minutes to spare. Plenty of time to get my number, use the club house facilities and run through my dynamic warm up.

2:10 arrived and it was time to line up on the start, having made a last minute decision to wear my sunglasses to avoid sun glaze affecting my run.

2:15 and we were off and after five days without running and having not raced since Wales. I flew out of the blocks. So much so that on glancing around me, I noticed there were no other runners alongside me and none ahead of me!! It was a big surprise, I didn’t expect to start off this well, but there I was in the lead a position, which although I only held it for 225 metres, was an interesting experience and this fantastic picture courtesy of @LynnBrownPhoto shows it in great detail.

vernons5This has to be my all time favorite running picture, of me.

After 225 metres my rain of terror was brought to an end and I fell back into second after a Red Rose Runner went by me, a position I held till around the 700 metres mark when both a Preston Harriers and a Liverpool Harriers went by me knocking me back down to fourth position. These two runners then went on to catch up and pass the Red Rose Runner and give themselves a good lead over the both us.

I maintained my fast pace and closing down and passing the Red Rose Runner just before the one mile mark. Before pushed on trying to close the gap to lead two. However despite my fast pace they continued to move ahead of me,  so my focus slowly became trying to hold onto third pace.

However around the 2.5 mile point I started to pay for my fast pace, lack of recent training and the hilly of start to the race, as this picture shows….

vernons3Struggling somewhat!

I hung on for a little while but then, just before the 3 mile mark another run passed by me. I kept him in close contact and checked my watch as I passed the three mile point, clocking 18:43 a PB!!

This was a another big surprise and I decided that when I reached the final hill climb, I would easy off a little, I was starting to flag afterall. This decision allowed the runner ahead to move away from me and out of the blue another runner passed me by.

I kept this new runner in close contact as we played a game of cat and mouse over the last half a mile or so. But annoyingly I messed up my decent on the hill drop just before the home straight, over shooting the S bend, allowing my rival to pull away.

I musted what little energy I could to try and catch him but as he moved into a sprint, I knew I couldn’t catch him and he moved too far away from me. But I kept going as hard as I could, all the way to the line to secure a fifth place finish in a massive PB of 25:15!

Granted it’s been years since ive a run a 4 mile race, which explains some of my naive tactics but that said my plan was simply to go for it because it had been so long since i ran a race thsi short. Before teh race I thought I’d get a PB of around 26 minutes but then with my recent injury I thought maybe 27 minutes. But wow! a fantastic performance and my fastest ever minutes per mile pacing for a race  (around 6:18 per mile). A great new benchmark to use in future races to bring my other race times down.

Since the race, my sore heel has returned and I am again managing it with a weekend event in mind. This time, the runners training camp on Saturday where should my heel……heal up I’ll be getting another great educational session from Helen Clitheroe to improve my run form.

Race route : {see here}

vernons 4 mileRoute profile :

vernons 2

Race in numbers :

Start time 2:15 PM

Finishers : 6857% males , 43% females

Winning time 23:35 , Last place 1:08:16 , Average finish time 00:35:18

Would i do it again : Yes




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