Running camp


So last Saturday (October 18th) was running camp….and as per custom, I set off late. Which having made the decision to run the sort 1.8 mile to the training location, ensure I was the second the last person to turn up. One day, I’ll get better time keeping.

The session was being run by Helen Clitheroe and Tanja Slater and would last for three hours. In all there was around 17 of us booked in, for what would turn out to be quite an intense but enjoyable session covering even more routines and moves that I had never seen before challenging my flexibility and even my coordination.

The day was set out as follows :

Dynamic warm up mobility exercises

Leg swings forward back/ side to side
Hurdle lead leg/ trail leg
Eagle face up/ face down
Leg whips
Rocker to hurdle seat
Trail leg rol

Running Drills

Walk (arms and foot placement)
Walk with hold- balance and core
High knee drill
Heel flick drill
A skip (driving leg down)
B skip- leg extension
A/C skip
Ankle hops
Chicken run
Running with form

Conditioning Exercises


Practice single foot balance
Rolling foot with tennis ball
Walking with a roll through the foot heel to toe
Heel walking
Toe walking
Kenyan shuffle

Shoes on

Single Leg dead lift walk- arms out to the side
SLDL walk
SLDL walk with rotation
Spiderman walk
Plank walk
Afterwards I caught up with Helen who like me she had also recently run a four mile race, finishing fifth. Although unlike me, her time was around 20 minutes!!  She would of won my race by a good three minutes, such is the gulf in class.

I mentioned my heel issue to her and like me she thinks it could be a bruise rather than an injury. I then asked her couple of questions :

What do you think of when your in the lead position, with no one ahead of you to focus on ? 

Run hard and focus on your pace.

One the hone straight, if someone makes the break for the line before you, obviously they now have the advantage, is there anyway to recover from it ?

She said, obviously they have the advantage and it is very difficult to beat someone who has moved into the sprint before. Also the closer to the finish you are, the less likely it is that you will be able to recover. What I do, is I start to think about the finish from 1000 metres back, which should give me enough time to prevent this situation occurring.

Is it worth joining a running club ?

Running clubs give the opportunity to access running coaches and to meet runners of a similar ability to yourself, who could potential come training partners would will push you harder than training with someone of a lesser ability or always training by yourself.

So that was running camp…..I think I will be booking another session with Helen and rightly so. In the meantime I need to work on some of things we went through and practice proper running form by thinking about how I am running. Although in the session we were warned this will take time, in fact the coaches said it will have to do it 1000 times before you master it.

So lots to think about, I still have a bit of an issue with my heel but it is getting better. I even managed to cover 34 miles this week.

if your interesting in checking out training session like this one, visit the Active Training World website or visit the person sites of Helen and Tanja.

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