The boxing Day 10k, Leyland

santa_10k_medalTwas the morning after Christmas, when all through the house. Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Mainly as most people seemed to be over in Leyland for the Boxing day 10k, in fact 314 (maybe more depending on whether or not anyone pulled out part way through the race) hardy souls had turned out on a cold boxing day in Lancashire. It was an impressive sight and it took a good few minutes to get us all in position before the big off.

The attraction, well to burn off some of the Christmas day feast and a relatively flat PB friendly route, which looks very much like this [here]. This was my second year of entering this race, having run my first ever sub40 10k the previous year and i was back aiming for sub39.

A week ago, i had achieved a third place parkrun finish and a first place santa dash victory on the very same day no less!! (see here) but i had feeling today’s race would be slightly more competitive and i probably wont be keeping in touch with the leading pack. Something which was further hampered by the fact i had managed to fail to get a spot at the front on the start line. This meant i spent most the first mile passing slower runners until i settled within a group of runners of similar ability. Completing the first mile in 6:23.

The second mile was completed in around 12:14 and third was reached in 19:02, which was followed by the fourth on 25:34. I was on for a sub39!

But something went wrong, it may of been the duel i got involved with, as i traded places a number of times with a club runner along Altcar Lane and then Tithe Barn Lane or it may of been a result of having raced just one week ago but i reached the fifth mile marker on around 33:04! Not good at all, i was now in danger of not even making sub40….I dug in deep for the final mile and charged up the hill climb on Runshaw Hall Lane, despite knowing how much effort it takes to charge up a hill, i knew i had little time to pass. I turned through the gates at Farm Yard Woods and my watch read 37:10, there probably wasn’t time, but i wasn’t far from the finish and i gave everything i had left crossing the finish line in 39:21….

I was slightly disappointment, but this was a big PB, down from 39:55 and i can take some pleasure from that. But it was a missed opportunity just like the Best 5k last month. But this is a great little race to enter it is well placed towards the end of the year and it has a festive feel to it. Also getting out and racing on boxing day is actually quite rewarding and not as challenging as you would think. If you stuck for something to do boxing day 2015, get up and take on this little number.

The race in numbers

Finishers : 314 , 180 Males , 134 Females
First place (MM:SS) : Race 33:03 , Male 33:03 , Female 35:31
Average time (MM:SS): Race 51:38, Male 47:37 , Female 57:01
Last place (H:MM:SS) : Race 1:34:47 , Male 1:34:47 , Female 1:34:37
% under 35 mins – 4% [8] Males  , 0% [0] Females
% under 40 mins – 19% [35] Males , 1% [2] Females

Description : Fast paced, well organised , well attended, good crowed, on site parking (but get in early – otherwise plenty of nearby side streets), PB friendly and a decent goodie bag (Santa medal (see post header image), bottle of water and calendar)

Manchester Marathon Training update

Continuing with my running plan, after doing two 5ks in one day turned out to not be the smartest plan i have ever put into action, with the following Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays runs all done with stiffness and fatigue. As such i took Christmas day as a rest day to aid me in my sub39 attempt in Leyland, which didnt work out…….. But i felt a heck of lot better for it, i also had a big night out with my friends on the 27th which resulted in my taking the 28th as rest. So i have run 26/28 planned runs and covering 250.2 miles out of the planned 276 which comes out at about 91% of my target and i still have my 14 days in locker after starting training two weeks early and i am almost past the demanding holiday period, so i am quite happy with that.

I have finally purchased some much needed new trainers taking advantage of the end of year sales to buy a pair of Kalenji Kiprun LD, which is the long distance version of the MD’s i have been running in over the course of 2014 and i will be using these, well obviously for my longer training runs…..and i bought a pair of Asics GT1000.

And as the Kipruns have turned up today, i will be giving them their first run out, in oh fifteen minutes or so…

kiprun LD#KeepRunning




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