Village Bakery Wrexham Half Marathon 2015

In my last post I reported how I had planned to take a couple of days off to try and shift a knee niggle and a bout of shin splint. Well that turned into four days, followed by an 8 and 16 miler, day off and a 9 mile run. Things seemed to be going well. But then I attempted another 9 miler, this was Wednesday (11/02/2015) but this time things didn’t go so well. As shin splint bit back with vengeance result in me cutting my run short and taking the decision to hold out till todays Village Bakery Wrexham half marathon in a hope that things had settled down enough for me to attempt to go sub 1:25. A key indicator if you want to run a sub3 marathon.

Well this morning, I could feel the shin splint, it was still sore and I was still on anti-inflammatory gels to try bring it under control. The result was, I lined up in Wrexham knowing that there would be pain….

Thankfully, it was not as bad as I feared but it did give some discomfort for the first five miles, then suddenly the feeling full movement returned to my leg and for the rest of the race I was able to run , as if injury free. In side , I was smiling a lot when that happened.

SO how did the race go ? Well this was my first race using a Garmin watch and I had set my virtual pacer to 6:25 as this was closest to sub 1:25 pace I could set it, with the watching seemingly only allowing you change the seconds by 5 seconds at a time…..bit of a pain that really!

The first mile started off well and I completed it in 6:20 , so a little fast but close enough. Usually I fly out of these things and cover the first mile at 5k pace to spend the next two miles settling back down the correct pace. So I was pleased with that. However the next four miles where all completed at over 6:25 pace, with mile four the slowest at 6:40 pace.

SO I knew I had work to do and I aimed to finished ahead of pace for the next couple of miles, and with the exception of mile 7 which was completed bang on pace at 6:25, but I reached mile 10 having regained my lost time. Now I am not sure if it was because this was the mile that I took my SIS gel and that, that slowed me down or if it was because I came across a couple of slight inclines but mile ten was another slow one, as I completed it in 6:35.

Knowing I didn’t have much time and that the miles where running out I picked up the pace once more, competing mile 11 in 6:25 and mile 12 in 6:27.

Then came the final mile and a bit and I really did give everything I had left reaching the 13 mile marker in 6:08 my fastest mile of the race!! Over the final, section of the course I was still pushing it, I could hear feet pounding behind and see a clock ahead of me, so I kept pushing, and every time I heard those feet come pounding closer, I sped up then finally I moved into a sprint crossing the line in 1:24:25 a huge PB!! And im still smiling about it!!


The race, this race has had some bad press in recent years. But this year a new team was managing it and it went without incident, there were plenty of marshals about , plenty of signs, plenty of drink stations (3) and plenty of fruit bread for all at the end. There is a lot of parking, but unlike me turn up before 10:25 otherwise you will have to park down the road. There is a bit of a walk from race HQ to the start, but if you use it for your warm then its not an issue. The route is just as flat as they claim, this is very much a PB course. If you get a chance, run this race, its fast and competitive at the front but the flatness is also great for runners of other abilities and first timers.

And in the video at the top of this post you’ll see my sort of glorious finish, im on at 14:03, enjoy.

In regards to using the virtual pace, what a great tool!! but boy did it work me hard. I doubt I would of got the time I got without mind you I am now feeling very sore. But very pleased, so it was worth it.

And for the first time ever… are my splints :

wrexham HM
Oh and im on Garmin as SJPC14 if anyone wants to connect , feel free.



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