Enter the taper

enter the dragonSo the training is over…….well the main bits…..there is just the three week taper left to go and here is my over due training up date.

To say mesocycle 2 has been tough would be an understatement, it was incredibly frustrating and hard going as i failed to shift my shin issue.  Which left me wondering if perhaps that first injury which cleared up after four days was a shin splint, but the second injury which came after i completed two full weeks of training was / is perhaps something more serious….. i am not sure but i know things are still not perfect but mescocycle 3 went a lot better (soooo behind on blog updates!).  This has been by far the most injury interrupted marathon training programme i have ever experienced.

So mesocycle 2 went so badly that i only completed 72% of the runs that i was down to do and if i hadn’t had the two weeks in hand, from starting training early that would of been even grimmer reading.  This left me going into mescocyle 3 having completed 81% of all planned training.  Meaning it would now be impossible for me to meet the minimum 85% target for my training programme to be truly affective.

Mesocycle 3 went a lot better, not only did a secure a 6:51 average pace 20 mile race PB (see previous post) but also i only dropped 7 runs completing 80% of all training miles i was down for.  So now i have run 908 of the 1,146 miles i was down for giving me a total percentage completed of 79%.   But i am not going to get to down about things as my times in Wrexham and Trimpell put me on course for sub3 and i have been doing a lot more core work than i have during past training programmes and i have start getting back to doing speed work, although i took the last week off from that to aid my recovery from Trimpell.   Additionally i am walking further to and from work (2.6 miles each way) than previously and i have the work that i have been on trying to improve my running form.  So hopefully all these things will come together on the day.

So the taper begins tomorrow with a 70 mile week, then a 54 mile week and finally the race week of 36 miles….. I might sneak one of two extra miles on to my long run.  For example i am down for 17 this coming week, but i think I’ll do 18 instead and for the following week i am down for 13 but i am tempted to push it to 15.  I know it wont make too much of a difference at this late stage but it might be good for my confidence.

I will continue to get in core work aiming for three sessions a week and i am going to try and get in six more speed sessions.  Oh and hopefully one more session with Helen Clitheroe. 

Then thats it….. heck!! Its feeling very real and very close! And my mind is a whirl of yes you can do this and ooh im not going to do this, i’ll come close but i wont do it……..



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