Manchester 2015 : The first week of taper

manchester no

The first week of taper brought me my race number 2741, so almost a 14…..which is good but an uneven number which may be bad…..but in reality it doesn’t really matter what number i am, just that i have one and its arrived……..its on…gulp!

I also completed a full week of training for the second time in a row, which is the first time since early February that i have achieved that which further highlights how bad things have been this time out.  I also completed two core work outs and two speed work outs, so it was a good week.

I have also made use of the Asics ‘Pace your Race‘ offer, which allows you to create your own pace band, which not only will they create and print for you.  But also they will create a map based on your pace band.  Allowing any spectators you’re bringing with you to see when you will reach certain parts of the course.  This is the first time i have come across such a thing and its free, so i thought why not.  Its a great idea, i hope other big races start doing the same.  Just need them to start providing free photos then races will have got back to been good value, we do play a lot to enter these things after all.

In slightly more interesting news i made an interesting discovery.  Whilst searching around for a better run analysis tool than Garmin Connect, which lets face it, is slow and poorly designed.  I came across SmashRun , which is a running analysis tool created by runners, is free and works with a number of running devices and apps (so you can simply transfer over any runs you’ve recorded on sites such as Garmin Connect).  The design and layout of the site is fantastic and you can customise it, even changing the colour theme using their currently selected favorite user picture submitted via Facebook (Which at the moment is from some sort of zombie race) should you wish too.  The level of detail they provide you with is fascinating with a dashboard ‘one page’ display style allowing you to easily see your personal bests, total miles run, number of days of consecutive runs, runs split by AM and PM , your average training pace, your average run length and a whole host of other great stats.  The site also features a feedback form where you can submit ideas for development and as i found out, the developers are happy to discuss your ideas about the site on Twitter.  So I fully recommend this site, it is free to sign up, simple to use and very informative.  If you are a running geek you’ll will love it.

Here’s a screen grab…..

smash run screen grabIf you sign up, as with here, twitter, runners world and garmin connect i am on as SJPC14.  Feel free to say hello.

And another discovery if you are in England or Wales you will find some great canal maps  here allowing you to see what is along the canals and which ones that be walked (run).



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