Manchester 2015 : Taper week 2

manchester pace bandTaper week two, brought me the completion of a third full week of training, for the first time since January.  Things are still not 100% but there have been a couple of runs were i have returned home and had to think about whether or not my right shin had caused me any major problems.  Things are looking positive, or this could be the eye of the storm……hopefully i am healing up just in time.

I finalised my custom pace band,  which you can see at the top of this page.  Its ambitious but if i can complete it i will have my goal and set a 20 mile PB along the way.  Something which seems daunting, but then i remind me myself that in the three times i have run the Trimpell 20, i have never actually raced it….. So i need to put that fear to bed, before the big day.

This weekend was a huge weekend in European marathon circles with the Brighton , Paris and Vienna marathons all being run.  So twitter has been awash with stories and pictures from all over the place, making you want to get out there and do your thing! Thankfully, in some ways, for me there is just one week to go now, for those in London you have another two weeks of marathon news to get you motivated.  And how can you not be motivated when you see so many running such amazing races,  in what appears to have been fantastic conditions.

Meanwhile in Preston, it has rained for most of the day, meaning that i had my first run in miserable conditions for a few weeks and in some ways that’s probably a good thing, the mental strength that comes from that will help.  But there isn’t much joy in a 13 miler facing wind and rain…..although when i finished it, it occurred to me, that’s the last time i will hit double digit miles before the big day!! Eck! scary darey!!

Aside from the required 54 miles, i completed three speed workouts including two lots of 8*100m and one lot of 3*1,600m and i completed three core work out sessions.  Although my body is become used to the core work i have been doing, so i need to increase that from next week i think.

The Big day, one week to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So its finally time to start studying the race route and i have noticed a few interesting things.  Firstly there is a hill towards the end of the 11th mile, it goes on for 1,271 metres so it is the kind of long gradual incline that can take a runner by surprise and knock them off their stride.  I am thinking that i might tackle this , in the same way that i tackled the hills of Wales last year and ease off this point.  Particularly as it is then followed about 7 miles of gradual decline…..Granted the hills in this race are nothing to be scared off, but over the course of 26.2 miles even the slightest incline can take its toll.  I remember the Edinburgh marathon, which previously held the title of being the UKs flattest marathon, was in fact quite demanding in places, so i wont be taking this hill lightly.  Additionally, after the seven miles of gradual decline, the race finishes with six miles of gradual incline which almost certainly finish off those that have pushed too hard in the race to reach this point.   So i think i might need to be ahead of plan , when i reach this point, that way i can limit the impact of this incline.  Finally, the finish, is a bit funny.  You turn a corner then have just under 200 metres of straight, so my plan is to make a note of the were the final 100 starts and using the beginning of the home straight to move up the gears to a sprint finish over the last 100.

So its…..stick to the plan for 12 miles, easy on the hill (not too easy mind) speed up between miles 13 and 20 and then stick what i am doing (hopefully that being, me ahead of the plan) for miles 20-22, then go use up every last big of energy till i have crossed the finish line.   What could go wrong……. #GULP

manachester marathon course profile#KeepRunning



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