Manchester 2015 : Training complete

Well almost……i am supposed to run 4 mile tomorrow but with my traditional pre-race day lay in and traveling it might be tricky to fit that in. So bar that, I have completed every run of taper week three.  So that is almost four complete weeks in a row! Which is fantastic on whats been my most injury interrupted marathon training to date.

So how has it gone…..well the simple stats are as follows :

Runs : 1068 miles out of a target of 1292 (83% of target)
(This works out as an average of 59 miles per week and does not include the runs              completed during the two weeks when things were really bad, injury hit hard this year)

Core sessions : I completed 41 core work outs – which is a huge improvement for me and a massive step in the right direction.

Speed work : I completed 10 speed sessions, which nowhere near enough.
A lot more work needs to be done here.

Walking : I walked to and/or from work a total of 83 times since training began, covering    212 miles, which is a fantastic effort and great work on a low impact exercise method often overlooked (see here)

There is nothing more i can do now, but write up a to pack list, pack, print out anything i need to print and then off to bed ahead of tomorrows journey to Manchester.


Some inspiration

There lots of great inspirational speeches, quotes and videos there. Some like to read Rudyard Kipling’s ‘IF’ (see here) others enjoy watching Al Pacino’s speech from ‘Any given sunday‘ and others love the London Marathon theme tune.  I recommend all three by the way, they are all fantastic.  Personally, i love the quote ‘With hope in our hearts and Wings on our heels‘ from Chariots of Fire, two things all runners need particularly if you are running the marathon.

But the best source of inspiration is yourself,  IF you have been wise and completed your training, you are true runner.  And with hope in your heart, determination in your mind and wings on your heels……you will conquer those  1,660,032 inches that make up the marathon.   You’ve made your sacrifices, giving up time with loved ones, time with friends and put running ahead of work and study.  Now it is time for you pay them back, to line up at that start zone and give everything you’ve got until you’ve crossed that finished line.  And when you do that, with nothing felt, having giving your all, you’ll know you’ve paid them back and you’ll be a marathoner my friend!

Run smart, race well and finish strong! –  Its time to go and take on Manchester!


Twitter – @SJPC14

SmashRun and Runners World – SJPC14

Interesting reads :

Athletics Weekly :Expect domestic battles at ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon

Manchester Evening News : Everything you need to know about the race


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