A 12 month plan…..


Following the advice of the book “The art of running faster” I have finally come up with a year long training plan….of sorts…its more of a guide but I think it will work. I will stick with using the book “Advanced Marathoning” for my marathon training plans, but will be guided by this second book for the rest of the year.

The book recommends set out your year over six phases as follows :

Phase Intensity Mileage Duration
Active rest Very low Low-medium 4 weeks
Basic conditioning Low-medium Medium-high 4-6 weeks
Endurance base Medium-high High-very high 8-10 weeks
Quality training High-very high Medium-high 6-8 weeks
Race preparation Medium-high Medium-high 4-6 weeks
Competition phase Medium-high Low-medium 10-14 weeks

I am thinking, as I am planning a spring marathon and as i usual take my holidays in September, that September will be my active rest period, which allowed me to build up into my marathon training programme. Which means now, i need to be in the basic conditioning phase. The book refers to this phase, as a period to spend time working on your weaknesses. Including increasing your gym work, core work and speed work.

So I will be working on trying to get stronger and faster. To achieve this, i have had my gym draw up a training programme for me and being a runner they have set me up a twice a week programme. One short session, which i can do in an evening and one longer session, that i will tackle at a weekend. Currently, i am thinking of doing the longer session on a Saturday, after all if anything will ensure i run my long slow run, at a sensible pace. Then running it with heavy legs will do just that.

I have also come up with a plan to improve my speed, on top of the weekly Harriers meetings, I plan to use Thursday, for a second speed work session, but with a difference. This session, will involve a tempo run, mile splits and hill repeats. So for example one week i will do a tempo run and the next i will do mile splits and then the third week will be hill repeats. With the latter two sessions, combining with either a lunch or morning run, depending on what i can fit in.

So that’s the plan, two speed sessions and two gym sessions a week……So by the second week of November I should be moving on to endurance base phase and ideally, i should be fast and stronger…..time will tell.

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