Blackburn XC


So on Saturday (29/10/16) I ran my second cross country race of the Red Rose League not being fully fit and still getting to grips with this sort of running, I took the advice of championship winning fell runner Rob Hope who recently told me that I rely on my watch too much, so I turned off the virtual pacer on my Garmin Forerunner and ran the course rather than the pace.

The result of this tactic change was, unlike in Leigh two weeks ago I didn’t finish the race dead on my legs struggling to hit a decent pace. Instead, I completed the final lap of the four lap race by passing a large number of runners as I picked up the pace. That didn’t stop me finishing well down that rankings, but I did finish what was a much tougher race, feeling a lot happy with my performance. So running the course, is certainly the way to go with off road running. I just need to work on picking up the pace on the easier / flatter sections. As you can tell iI am still finding this kind of running a huge learning curve and Ii have to admit it took me until the fourth lap to find what was, in my opinion, the best route around the course.

The course itself was very challenging, 5.46 miles in length (for me) with a 128 meter mill climb, i completed it in 37:52, which works out at 6:56 pace. [see here]

And the post picture….that’s GB athlete Jess Judd who turned up, out of the blue and won the women’s race. Well done her!!

So progress is made but there is still a lot of remove for improvement, next up Bolton in two weeks time.

In other training news, i have completed 8 gym sessions based on the gym program I had created for me, two full track sessions with Preston Harriers, a hill rep session and last week i did 52 miles for the week. SO things are moving along as i edge towards my new marathon training program in December.

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