2016 over and out

2016 and as per most running years it was a mix of highs and lows.

The lows were the several injuries I’ve had, which led me to wonder if i have become injury prone. But then I realised that I have had 2 ankle sprains, one caused by a treadmill mishap a week before Boston and one picked up just the other week caused by another running mishap with a rock, one calf muscle tear caused by trying to push off on a sloped ridge and one shin splint injury. So three of these injuries are in fact self-inflicted, caused by moments of madness/stupidity which makes me think that in 2016 I become accident prone. I am training smart but running a like mad man. So mission 1 for 2017, run sensible and don’t take any unnecessary risks.

Misssion 2, continue to train smart, run off-road regularly and keep with the five S’s.

As for 2016 well i set PBs in the 4 mile (23:26), 5 mile (31:30), 10k (38:17), 10 mile (1:02:18), the half marathon (1:23:04), the 20 mile (2:10:41) and finally the marathon (2:57:31). Meaning the only distance I didn’t run a race in and set PB was the 5K, although I did do a Harriers only track 5k in around 18:33 minutes I have decided not to count it. So a good sweep of all running distances and those who are quick at maths will see that pacing wise those results do not exactly line up which hints at possible future improvement.

I completed enough races of the Lancashire Interclub series to receive a placing despite that fact one of the races I ran was cancelled, one was run the day after I had done a relay training session on the track and therefore with heavy legs and one was done during a return from injury. However, one race was the race I earned my fastest average pace of the year in, the Blackpool interclub 4 mile (5:51 per mile) so that was a good moment. In the races, i did complete I finished 19th, 29th, 51st and 35th giving me a surprising 30th place finish overall in the series, out of the 212 runners who completed at least four races.

As well as road running, I took part in my first ever Cross Country series completing all four races of the Red Rose Championships finishing 67th, 62nd, 47th and 33rd to earn a series finish of 31st out of 146. Not bad for a road runner!

Overall in 2016 I ran a total 2,037 miles, which is my second highest milage ever recorded despite the seemly stop start year that i have had, which added to all PBs and ventures off-road, make me think that actually i had a pretty good year of running.


My average training pace was 7:43 which is the fastest average I have recorded, but it should be said that 2016 was my first full year of being a club runner, so I recorded a lot of very short and fast track runs, which would of no doubt brought the average down. This also explains why my average run distance was just 3.6 miles in 2016, competed to 6.4 in 2015 and 9 miles in 2014. At full overview of my 2016 runs can be seen here

So on to 2017…..and currently my plan is to train for and run the Brighton Marathon, which hopefully will go as well as previous marathons (Fingers crossed the ankle heels up soon). Then I want to complete enough races to record a series finish the road race interclub, the rell run interclub and again the Red Rose XC. It will be hard to do all of those things and I need to study the race listings and plan things out, but if it all goes well and I achieve my goals, will be a great year of running covering three main disciplines which would be quite pleasing and a venture into new territory. Also, I must update my 5k PB!!

At full overview of my 2016 runs can be seen here

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