Brighton marathon : training complete

brighton logo

So that’s it, that’s my lot, the final run is done……its time to race!

Today marked my last run ahead of Brighton, brining my total mileage run over the past 20 weeks up to 993 miles, however I have only managed to complete 11 full weeks of training due to going over my ankle mid-December. Making this one of the shortest training periods I put in ahead of a marathon in a long time. This has made me slightly apprehensive ahead of Brighton, but remember feeling the same last year when I headed to Boston with 16 weeks of training, again due to injury. Obviously there is a big difference between 11 weeks and 16 weeks but my recent performance at the Trimpell 20 suggests that I am at a similar level as I was ahead of that race so that gives me some hope. Additionally in the 12 months before Brighton I have run 1,949 miles whilst over the 12 month period prior to Boston I ran 1,970 miles so over the longer term there isn’t much in it and again hopefully that will help.

As per Manchester and Boston, I have been using the 70-85 miles a week training programme from the Advanced Marathoning book whilst last year I added in strength work and completed my first year as I club runner. This year I have added off road running and trying to ensure that each training week incorporates the five S’s of running : Speed, Strength, Stamina, Suppleness and Skill. The Trimpell result, compleing 20 miles in 6:31 pace, just outside my PB for that distance, suggests that these new additions have made up for the missed training but I guess Brighton will be the real test.

The course appear to be an undulating one, although the organisers talk up as being as fast course I am not so sure the profile chart backs that up :

Brighton course profile

So it looks like an interesting course, the weather is currently predicting temperatures of around 12 degrees, so it will be warm but not as warm as Boston. One additional weather factor which play a key role is the weather. There are a lot of miles along the cost in this race and a strong sea breeze will knock even the best runners off their pace target.

Incidentally, I have umm’ed and arr’ed enough and decided to go for an initial pace plan of 6:40 for the first 18 miles, then gradually pick it up. Where I can, I will use the downhill sections to gain a boost but for the rest of the race I will aim to hit 6:40. The course profile suggests there is a long down hill section at 18 miles, hence why I have picted this mile to pick things up rather than mile 20 , I hope to then try and pick the pace up once more at mile 23 and then mile 25. This wont be easy as miles 23-25 are mostly up hill but I will give it a go.

Sooo race time it is…..packing done… list created….key documents printed…..


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