Becoming a two timer

Walsh 2 lads

Picture from Walsh 2 lads fell race, thanks to @fellephant 

Once again its been a long time since I last posted, however whereas in the past, ive been busy with study or renovating a house, this time ive been busy running as I my plan to move to twice a day running has taken hold.

A normal training week now kinda looks like this :

typical weekAnd it was a lot of hard working getting to that…….

I made the decision to introduce doing doubles on a gradual basis, going from once a week to seven times a week and it was a smart decision. As early on in my transition from being a once a day runner to a twice day runner, I felt really tired and even lined up at the start of a 4 mile race wishing I wasn’t there, that’s how tired I was. But I am now getting used to things and give or take another two months I should start seeing results.

There has of course been a few races along the way, mainly all involving hills. Be it hilly road races or fell races…..yes ive taken to fells this year. As I have decided, that fell running could be the summer version of cross country.  That is a great strength work out, that will help me get fast on the roads. Its certainly proving to be a tough test, so much so, I even went head over heals in the last one. But that said, ive done well….ok ive only done two races, but ive finished in the top 20 in both, which has been a pleasant surprise and a positive start to a new form of running.

On the roads, ive broken my five mile PB twice, which is brilliant, as ive now got that under 30 mins, which is a good target to aim for at that distance. These times and performances are more down to the cross country running the five S’s and the marathon programme I completed ahead of Brighton, as its still far too early for my new approach to training to be having an impact. But it goes to show, that hard work pays off and training should involve more than just pounding the reads.

Onwards and upwards…….literally!!

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